Playlist For 8/31/2017


The Dubliners Official: Whiskey in the Jar
Christy Moore: The Voyage
Stone Clover: Brine
Kennedy’s Kitchen: The Red Haired Lass
Bob Porter: Uo She Rises
Peat in the Creel: Tommy Coen/Gravel Walks
Blarney Castle: Silhouettes Against the Soil
Old Blind Dogs: Copper Kettle
CrossBow: Innis Mor
Cathy Ryan: As the Evening Declines
Gráda: The Dub Dub Collection
The Irish Descendants: Uncle Dan
Dougie MacLean: Caledonia
The Celtic Reggae Revolution: St Brendan’s Dub
Rogue Diplomats: Come Out Ye Black & Tans
Blackthorn: Slip Jig & Reels
Marc Gunn: Johnny Jump Up
the olllam: Bridges of Glass
Cara Dillon: Here’s a Health 

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